• TEL : 01-2871504
  • EMAIL : STEVEN@Cycleplus.IE
  • About us

    At Cycleplus, we believe we are unique in offering outstanding service coupled with great prices and a top quality repair and service centre.

    We would be delighted to talk to you about your cycling needs, whether you are an experienced racer, or new to the sport. We promise not to blind you with technical terms, but instead will offer you straightforward and friendly advice on products that we believe are right for you and your budget.

    We have an exciting range of carefully selected bikes from quality manufacturers in store to cater for all types of rider and all budgets. But if you see something you like, and want anything changed or upgraded we are only too happy to swap components in and out to meet your requirements. Alternatively, we can start with a bare frameset and build you a bike from scratch to your exact specification.

    We looking forward to seeing you in the shop.

    Steve and the team